What to write in website description

Meta descriptions, though not directly related to search engine rankings, play an extremely important role in improving click-through rates from search engine results pages. In fact, research shows that achieving above-expected CTRs can result in better organic rankings, so by making meta descriptions more relevant to related search queries, webmasters stand to gain an indirect boost in organic search rankings. What is a Meta Description?

What to write in website description

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Like Plenty of people in the world are good writers, but when people accustomed to writing fiction or poetry or blog posts try their hand at SEO writing, there can be a little bit of a learning curve. What Is a Meta Description? A good meta description should include: Keep your writing as concise as possible, and incorporate key selling points whenever you can.

Does this client offer a low-price guarantee? Find something about the client that sets them apart from the competition, then make sure that the reader knows about it.

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Nowadays, a meta description can consist of up to characters. How long should a meta description be? Proper grammar is still important: Use correctly capitalized and punctuated sentences. Self-plagiarism is always bad: Write each meta description from scratch.

Keep in mind that these meta description guidelines are just that: She spent nearly 13 years editing stories, writing headlines, and putting together pages for daily newspapers, and along the way, she also had the opportunity to write food columns and restaurant reviews. After earning a pair of Associated Press awards and a Suburban Newspaper Association award, she left journalism for the world of content marketing, where she puts her skills to work every day for OWJ clients and writers.The best scientific writing is spare and straightforward.

It spotlights the ideas being presented, not the manner of presentation. Manuscript structure, word choice, punctuation, graphics, and references are all chosen to move the idea forward with a minimum of distraction and a maximum of precision.

How to create the right meta description August 30th, Michiel Heijmans. Category Content SEO. Tags Content writing | How to. The meta description is a snippet of up to about characters – a tag in HTML – which summarizes a page’s content.

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what to write in website description

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At the beginning of the game, the 9×9 grid will have some of the squares filled in. There are so many blog posts about how to write meta descriptions, I have even written one myself.

It’s really interesting to see everyone’s take on ‘the perfect’ meta description. Good post by the way, Asana’s meta description is one of my favourite examples.

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