The gods must be crazy movie

They take only what they need from the land.

The gods must be crazy movie

One day, a glass Coca-Cola bottle is carelessly thrown out of an airplane and falls to Earth unbroken. Initially, Xi's people assume this strange artifact is a "present" from the gods just as they believe plants and animals are and find many uses for it.

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Unlike other bounties, however, there is only one glass bottlewhich causes conflict within the tribe. Consequently, Xi confers with elders and agrees to make a pilgrimage to the edge of the world and dispose of the supposedly cursed thing.

Along the way, he encounters diverse people, such as: When Xi, hungry, happens upon a herd of goats, he shoots one with a tranquilizer arrow, but is caught and jailed. M'pudi, who once lived with the San and still speaks Xi's language, concludes that Xi will die if kept incarcerated.

He and Steyn consequently apply to employ Xi as a tracker for the remainder of his sentence in lieu of prison. Meanwhile, the guerrillas invade Kate's school and take her and the students as human shields for their escape to a neighboring country.

The gods must be crazy movie

Steyn, M'pudi, and Xi immersed in their fieldwork find that they are along the terrorists' chosen path.

They manage to immobilize the guerrillas using makeshift tranquilizer darts launched by Xi with a tiny, silent, and concealable bow that M'pudi and Xi fabricate, and save Kate and the children. However, Jack Hind arrives and takes away Kate, taking credit for the rescue that Steyn, M'pudi and Xi had actually planned and executed.

With Xi's term over, Steyn pays his wages and sends him on his way. When Steyn tells Kate about his shy and awkward nature, Kate finds it endearing and they begin a relationship.

Xi eventually arrives at God's Windowthe top of a cliff with a solid layer of low-lying clouds obscuring the landscape below. Convinced that he has reached the edge of the world, he throws the bottle off the cliff, and returns to his tribe.The Gods Must Be Crazy () IMDb min PG Subtitles and Closed Captions A bushman in the Kalahari encounters technology for the first time - in the shape of a Coke takes it back to his tribe, and uses it for many tasks.

The Gods Must Be Crazy I / The Gods Must Be Crazy II [Double Feature] Pre-Owned · DVD out of 5 stars - The Gods Must Be Crazy I / The Gods Must Be Crazy .

Oct 28,  · October 28, , Page The New York Times Archives. W atching Jamie Uys's ''Gods Must Be Crazy,'' the hit South African comedy that is currently the longest running movie . Sep 10,  · Title: The Gods Must Be Crazy () / Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site?

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Use the HTML below/10(K). This sequel to the enormous international hit The Gods Must Be Crazy isn't quite as fresh and enchanting as the original, but it is still a garden of small delights.

N!Xau, the Kalihari bushman who starred in the first film, is separated from his children while on a hunting expedition in the desert%. "The Gods Must Be Crazy II" is the work of a patient craftsman, who gets his laughs out of the careful construction of elaborate physical and plot situations.

Some of his buildups last for most of a movie, and his punchlines usually are inspired by character traits, not dumb gags.

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