Sports underwriting afl tipping comp

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Sports underwriting afl tipping comp

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Official AFLW Tipping

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sports underwriting afl tipping comp

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Spenceley is still committed to underwriting the club to his original budget but that can only work if there is sponsorship and support from the businesses that operate and make their money in the region. and if the bigger clubs ever want this comp to grow into what they envisage they.

The Game - your home for AFL tipping and fantasy, Osborne Park. 3K likes. Your home for AFL Tipping & Fantasy One new destination, three FREE and. AFL Nation BIG4 Footy Tipping Competition Our overall winner for season is: Ninety Five Welcome to the BIG4 AFL tipping competition, proudly brought to you by AFL Nation, which keeps you connected to the game wherever you are in Australia.

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Sports Underwriting Australia is offering armchair AFL punters a $10, prize kitty in its new footy tipping competition. The underwriting agency’s MD, Steve Gilbert, says the response so far has been overwhelming and stretches “way into rugby league territory”.

Aug 17,  · • Create a tipping competition for all your favourite sports, including AFL, NRL, Super Rugby, EPL, A-League, T20 Cricket and more. • Our brand new dashboard will keep you informed of everything you need to know about your tips across the weekend.3/5(K).

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