Resume worksheet

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Resume worksheet


Does your computer have Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word on it? If yes, then we will send your resume back to you as a Microsoft Word. If no, we will be contacting you about which type of file to send your resume as. What version of MSWord do you have? Do you want your email address on your resume?

What is the name of the position you are applying for? Must be filled out. If you don't know, please at least give us a general job field you are applying in. We need this information so we can tailor the resume to the specific type of job you are interested in.

Please expand on your current, intermediate and long term career goals. What sort of a position are you going for? How do you need this resume to position you in the career market?

How can we help you work toward your future plans?

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Please give us a detailed employment history. If you cut and pasted your current resume above, this field is optional.

At least your 3 previous positions.

Resume worksheet

Title of position held; company job was with; dates you held that position. For each job, please give a description of your duties at that job. Please be as detailed as possible.

Responsibilities included location and cultivation of new accounts, organization of the sales force, cold-call selling, light secretarial duties.

Responsibilities included customer service, cashiering, sewing, repair, darning, and leather work. Most Impressive Career Accomplishments: Often, it is accomplishments that get you hired. Telling an employer what your past duties were is one thing. Listing tangible accomplishments, however, shows them you can get results.

Please list your most impressive professional accomplishments, in order of importance: Top Five Professional Qualifications: Please list, in order of importance, the top 5 skills, accomplishments, experience or qualities that you feel make you an exceptional employee.

Please try to think about your 5 greatest strengths. This will help us target the scope of the resume to your best selling points. Any special instructions for our writers?Does your computer have Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word on it? If yes, then we will send your resume back to you as a Microsoft file.

Resume Worksheet ***This form can be downloaded to be filled out using Microsoft Word.***. The information you enter here will be used to create your resume. It is imperative that all information is complete and correct. Let's be honest. Sending in the same resume every day with no strategy behind it isn't going to help you land those amazing interviews nor job offers you oh so badly desire.

Resume Worksheet This worksheet is designed to help you gather useful information that employers like to see included in most resumes. We have used a chronological format since it .

3 Youth Résumé Worksheet December Computer Skills or Other Technical Skills: Technical skills, at least basic computer skills are used in jobs at all levels in today’s workplace and may be important to an employer.

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