Rencontres avec un homme

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Rencontres avec un homme

The son of a modest family from this Tunisian Center-Eastern fishing village, he comes from a long line of muezzins.

Rencontres avec un homme

Mastering vocal performances is to him a heritage and a family tradition. At an early age, his grandfather initiates him to quranic recitals. He starts discovering the potential of his voice and finds his calling.

At the age of 6, he discovers the echo of his voice and its resonances. He remembers spending hours singing in the Hammam of the local village. The resonances produced by his voice in that cavernous place fascinate him, nourishing his ardent juvenile curiosity: Dhafer undertakes the task using a cheap plastic microphone.

His voice flows from the top of the minaret. Its resonances gain altitude. It is his first encounter with an audience, an experience that will remain engraved in his memory seven studio albums and hundreds of world live performances later.

A few years later, Dhafer Youssef joins the local liturgical song troupe as a vocalist. Far from places of worship, Dhafer now tries the Oud at the youth center in Teboulba.

This is where he discovers the electric bass and the groove, which leads him to play at local weddings before joining the Radio Monastir singing troupe.

Young Dhafer is selected to join the orchestra by its founder, Mesbah Souli, a violin player, member of the Tunisian National Troupe and music professor.

Aspiring to explore new horizons, Dhafer Youssef leaves his home village for the capital. In Tunis, he joins the musical conservatory at Nahj Zarkoun.


Dissatisfied with the quality of teaching, he moves to Austria with the ambition to complete his musical training. The creative exaltation provided by multiculturalism in Vienna and the multiple encounters he has there open for him a new world of possibilities.

After he starts studies in musicology, Dhafer realizes that he is not interested in academic training anymore. Seduced by jazz and other musical genres such as Indian music, he takes part in numerous jam sessions and encounters at different bars and clubs with for instance Wolfgang Pusching.

After a successful first night, he is offered a carte blanche and starts a series of monthly concerts at the club. In this album, the European jazz melodic structures meet a Mediterranean groove of a particular form.

Acclaimed by the critics, he goes on a successful European tour before going back to the studio with a new project. In this first experiment with electronic music, the sound mixture is exalting.

In this album, the search for new sounds intensifies and the result is exhilarating. The symbiosis between the Oud and electric sounds is increasingly organic, and alchemy operates between great artists from the electro-jazz Scandinavian scene: After these unlikely encounters between Oud and electronic music, Dhafer Youssef sets a new challenge for himself: The sound is resolutely thrilling without losing its ethereal quality.

Spiritualism is asserted, manifesting itself unapologetically and far from stereotypes. It is also a musical manifesto which removes the barriers between the notions of sacred and profane.

Accompanied with pianist Tigran Hamasyan, drummer Mark Giuliana and double bass player Chris Jennings, Dhafer Youssef goes back in this album to a more jazz and groove style.

Without forgetting the artistic identity that he has forged through his experience and a continuous search for sounds, Dhafer Youssef transcends genres. Dhafer thus alternates musical projects and collaborations such as a duet with the legendary tabla player Zakir Hussain with whom he performs on a sold-out tour in Europe and India, a duet with Dave Holland, and a Digital'Africa project with the great kora master Ballake Sissoko and Eivind Aarset These collaborations are sources of development and inspiration for the artist who is always insatiable for new sounds.


This is also often an opportunity for him to meet exceptional musicians with whom he develops relationships and artistic exchanges that go beyond these collaboration to integrate his own creations.

Dhafer has indeed displayed since the beginning of his career an unbridled curiosity and a constant search for renewal and discovery, which is reflected his collaborations with artists of plural origins: Critics note his outstanding performance in the soundtrack of "Black Gold" composed and conducted by the legendary James Horner in The latter invites Dhafer to a new collaboration in for the soundtrack of "The Amazing Spider-Man ".

Indeed, he is today considered to be the most inventive Oud player, and a leader of the movement referred to as contemporary music, which fuses Eastern and Western music. He has managed the feat of bringing the Oud, an instrument foreign to the jazz to get it out of its traditional role and form and creatively confront it with various musical genres from electro music to jazz.

In and inspired by this encounter, Dhafer Youssef releases "Birds Requiem. He also collaborates again with his comapnions Eivind Aarset on the electric guitar, Nils Petter Molvaer on the trumpet, Kristjan Randalu on the piano, Phil Donkin on the bass and Chander Sardjoe on drums.Plus qu’un site de rencontre, eDarling vous aide à trouver le grand Amour.

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