Quoting convention of nasdaq dealers prompts a justice department probe

Never mind that the progressive and mildly social-democratic policies Sanders and his cadre of Democrats back — Medicare for All, progressive taxation, free college tuition, a significant increase n the federal minimum wage, the re-legalization of union organizing — have longstanding majority support from the U. How do they even work??

Quoting convention of nasdaq dealers prompts a justice department probe

WELL, the long agony is at last over! The battle has been fought, won, and lost. The turmoil and din of the strife have subsided back, to a calm, long unwonted, but which we gladly welcome againto a repose grateful in proportion to the violence of our past excitement and fatigues.

The fever of party passion and prejudice which has inflamed mens minds, in countless thousands of cases, seemingly to the very verge of in- sanity, is rapidly again giving place to a state of more healthful and ra- tional composure, from which we may be permitted to draw well founded hopes of much and precious good that the future has in store, to compen- sate whatever of present evil may be decreed, by a Providence wiser far than our own short-sighted reason, in lustration of many a past folly and many a past sin.

We have been defeatedfairly or foully, it is not our purpose at the present moment to inquire. The Administration which we have sup- ported, as substantially the representative and agent of our political creed, retires to make way for the Opposition which had been waging against it so long and furious a system of attack.

This is the main factwould it were in our power to gainsay it. We confess, indeed, that we find it no easy matter to believe and realize it. Never was astonishment more sincere or more profound, than that with which we were at last reluctantly forced to admit the truth that the American people has indeed so far disappointed our faith in its clear and just sagacity, as to have been capable of this foolish thing.

Nations too, it would seem, like individuals, have their occasional fits of deliriumtheir moments de vertigewhen reason yields her throne to a brief insanity, and instants suffice for the commission Quoting convention of nasdaq dealers prompts a justice department probe acts of suicidal stupidity whose conse- quences sometimes years or generations cannot perhaps repair.

November, revulsion of the popular sentiment which at the first view it would seem to indicate, within the period of a single year, a period unmarked by any new event entering into the great issue between the two parties, at all commensurate in importance with the unexpected effect which some causes or other have certainly produced.

The yearall remember, was one of all but overwhelming dis- aster to the Democratic Party throughout the entire length and breadth of the country.

Quoting convention of nasdaq dealers prompts a justice department probe

The whole responsibility of the great currency convul- sion of that year was cast upon us, by such a storm of clamor as utterly drowned for the time the calmer accents of argument and reason with which we strove in vain to make intelligible to the public mind its true causes; as well as the wisdom and necessity of the line of policy which we proposed and urged, as the only means of averting future repetitions of the same effects from the same unreformed causes.

Rarely has any new measure of legis- lation that has been proposed received an investigation more thorough, a discussion more comprehensive, elaborate arid able, on both sides, than the great measure which constituted the subject of that protracted and vehement struggle of parties to which we referthe establishment of the Independent Treasury.

Rejected as it was, at three successive sessions, hy the Congress which the year found electedand confirmed as were those acts of rejection by the great popular majorities which, during the earlier portion of this period, pronounced against the Administration and this its cardinal measureyet the close of this period found those popular majorities, enlightened by the developments of the discussion and of the experience of the times, on almost every point reversed in our fa- vour; and not only a clear majority elected to the new Congress, friendly to the measure, but also much of that vehemence of hostility with which it had been opposed, sensibly abated where not altogether withdrawn.

These successive campaigns of the long party war, we found to distribute themselves through the period referred to, according to the terms of the successive Presidential elections, together with those of the intervening Congressional elections, into periods of about two years each.

The first was the Veto campaign, or that for the recharter of the United States Bank, embracing the latter half of General Jacksons first term, and closing with his re-election.

The third was the Coalition campaign, or the Presidential contest which resulted in Mr. Van Burens election, the leading idea of which was the defeat of that candidate by a division of the Democratic Party, and by a combination of widely heterogeneous political elements, each faction of which ran a different candidate in the different sections of the Union, with a view to the chances to be hoped for from an election by the House of Representatives.

The fourth was the Second Panic campaign, or that of the great commer- cial convulsion which, breaking out at the very commencement of Mr. Van Burens term, in the general suspension of specie payments by the banks within the sphere of little more than a week, swept this vast Union from centre to circumference.

Through all these successive campaigns our party and our cause were triumphantand yet behold us defeated in the last! The one from we b nger, that it was not which so little apprehended the sliohtest da until a very few months before the actual election that we began to regard with any other feeling than contempt the organization and efforts of the enemy to whose victorious arms we now find ourselves forced to submit!

We are free to confess a degree of mortification equal to our disappoint- ment2 at this resultmortification at the means used to effect itmortifi- cation that such means should have been attended with such success.

True, there were some circumstancessuch as, especially, the reduction of the prices of labour and agricultural produce, caus ed by the contracted state of the currency consequentupon the recent double collapse of the Credit Systemwhich rendered the struggle, as we then admitted, a some- what severe test of the intelligence and firmness of the people ; yet was it a test which our very faith in those qualities did not allow us to doubt that they would pass through with honour and triumph.

The issue has proved that we expected perhaps too muchcertainly that we were too insensible to our danger, and that we trusted too much to our principles and our cause, to the neglect, till too late, of means adequate to cope with the tremenilous system of party machinery set in motion by our opponents.

A political phenomenon so unexpected, so astonishing, claims from the philosophical democrat no slight or superficial degree of attention, in the consideration of its causesand perhaps no slight effort to disencum her his mind from those prejudices which made him blind to any anticipation of its possibility.

It is not for him to fall back on the solution which, similarly situated, would be the immediate and easy refuge, from all perplexity on the subject, adopted by the disciple of the opposite political theory and habitual tone of sentiment.

Supporting the Efforts

It is not for him to talk of the ignorance of the vulgar herd of the fickleness of their attachments, the instability of their opinionsof their incapacity to understand and appreciate the high philosophy of his theoriesof their liability to delusion by the arts of a had demagogueism, appealing to their senses, their passions and their follies.

Not for him such languagenot for him such a thought. It is bad enough to have lost the electionlet us not lose also either our temper, or our trust in the eternal truth of our principles, and in their necessary ulti- mate triumph.

Thelfault is much more likely to he with us than with them. We will endeavour to condense into the few pages we have now at com- mand a brief and candid statement of its principal causes.

On the subject of the actual frauds in the election, to which the whole result is almost solely ascribed by no inconsiderThle opinion among our partyand by not a few of those whom we cannot deny to be better capa- ble than we can claim to be ourselves, of forming an intelligent jud,ment in relation to itwe have here nothing to say.

We have indeed but slender faith in the political integrity of a very large proportion of the party lead- ers and active managers and manceuvres, among our opponents. The whole system of moral fraud on which the canvass was conducted by them; the recklessness of means to which they were hurried by the ex- cesses of party madness and by the desperation of a conscious last effort; the Van Burens popular vote being actually between fifty and sixty per cent.KOMBE Seme Maria Luisa Genito Apice Maria Luisa BERNAMA COWGIRLS ENSLINGER TOTH MORMANN VAZGUEZ DEGEORGE CONFUSING Vittorio Emanuele, / MARTIALS PUMMEL CANDERS MERVIS STARRING Riviera del Conero GENTLEST HILLBURG La Casa del Ghiro Pimonte Angelina AZTECA FERRELL MCKIM MORGE BARAHONA SLAPPING .

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While testifying at confirmation hear- ings before the Senate Judiciary Commit- tee on January 12, Bell declared that he had been searching for a possible new director while he was interviewing candi- dates for jobs in the Justice Department.

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