Poe william wilson essay

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Poe william wilson essay

Abstract The literary talent of Edgar Allan Poe is beyond dispute, but his activity in the scientific area condensed in Eureka has been sadly neglected or ignored. Only recently have some researchers undertaken the labour of re-evaluating it. This recent re-evaluation is long overdue, especially, those propositions related to Cosmology.

This paper purposes extensions of those propositions, as well as additional commentary, relating, in particular, to Chemistry. Such neglect may be seen as a continuation of the "black legend" weaved, for various reasons, around one of the most innovative American writers of the 19th Century.

Poe william wilson essay

The "black legend" was originated in part by his own character, at times, stormy and diffident; and also by his caustic literary criticism in the newspapers, which earned him the enmity of those vital to his own success.

Unfortunately, many whom he had offended continued to smear his character after his death. As it has recently been written: So, Poe became one of the typical personages of his terror stories" Munnshe, Lastly, he points out the negligence of the authorities to investigate some evidences of his possible murder The failure of the book as a scientific work stems from several factors.

First, the ambitious objective declared by Poe at the beginning: A second problem likely originates from presenting philosophical, metaphysical and astronomical concepts without Poe's possession of an academic degree to support them, including a methodology not always rigorous, and sometimes intuitive.

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These factors contributed to the refusal of the scientific community, fully opposed to the concept of an evolutive Universe, during his time and later. Those disinclined to adopt such a universe included Humboldt, to whom Eureka was dedicated. Such a situation was foreseen by Poe, referring to Newton and Laplace: What lay not distinctly within the domain of Physics, or of Mathematics, seemed to them either Non-entity or Shadow" Poe Likewise, Poe critiques, in an ironic message from the future, the deductive and inductive methods of reasoning and concludes that " To illustrate the importance of intuition, if it is supported by a consistent reasoning, he writes: Had he been asked to point out the deductive or inductive route by which he attained them, his reply may have been: The importance of intuition in the research and teaching of Modern Mathematics has also been pointed out by others Rado 10, Korner 9.

In this way, Eureka was cast into oblivion. It is possible to list different reasons. Harrison has pointed out the main problem: As I have shown," Cappi continues, "a number of points in Eureka are well posed in rational terms, but Poe did not aim to a simple scientific Cosmology In Eureka, God is the cause of the origin of the Universe: Such a return to Unity could be seen as an antecedent of the Omega Point theory glimpsed by Theilard de Chardin in published only in and developed to a great extent by Tipler in His discoveries are a testament to his mighty intuition.

Before discussing some of his propositions, it would be convenient to remember the first one: In the beginning there was only God, Who, from Himself, created a primeval atom whom He ordered to disintegrate into an enormous but not infinite number of atoms which, in their turn, were irradiated in all directions filling up the finite Universe of Stars.

This is different from Space that is infinite. Gravity then appears as a reaction to the force of diffusion, so provoking the agglomeration of atoms to assume the forms of the celestial bodies. At the same time appears the differentiation of atoms, with the necessary physical, chemical and vital consequences.

Lastly, gravity represents a tendency to Unity in the long term.The Story of William Wilson Part One l eT me call myself, foR The pResenT, W illiam W ilson. T haT is not my real name.

That name has already been the cause of the horror Edgar Allan Poe: Storyteller. My father and mother, weak in body and mind, could do little to hold me back.

When their efforts failed, of course my will grew. alter-ego, fight club movie,david fincher - Compare and Contrast Edgar Allan Poe’s Short Story, William Wilson. Essay about Compare and Contrast Edgar Allan Poe’s Short Story, William My Account.

William Wilson is the main character in Poe’s short story “William Wilson.” Poe tackles different kinds of themes through his story revolving around human nature and society in general.

Poe "william Wilson" William Wilson I did not enjoy the reading of William Wilson, by Edgar Allan Poe.

Poe "william Wilson" Essay

I usually do enjoy Poe’s short stories, I liked The House of Usher, A Tale of Two Hearts and others but William Wilson was too wordy and hard for me to get into. Themes Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work. Love and Hate. Poe explores the similarity of love and hate in many stories, especially “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “William Wilson.”.

William Wilson is the main character in Poe’s short story “William Wilson. ” Poe tackles different kinds of themes through his story revolving around human nature and society in general.

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