Msc project management dissertation

Career Development Centre Many of our students have already started on a career path in the construction industry. Whether they are architects, interior designers, surveyors, engineers, construction managers or property developers, what they have in common is that they aspire to move to more senior management positions in the construction industry. Some wish to become Chartered Surveyor or Chartered Builders.

Msc project management dissertation

MSc International Tourism and Hospitality Management students go on a field trip to Belfast to put theory into practice. Modules Year 1 Critical issues in tourism and hospitality industry The module explores and analyses current policy issues in the tourism and hospitality sector as well as how these are interpreted by various stakeholders, how these stakeholders develop their policy preferences on these issues and how they deal with opposition and collaborations to further their goals.

The module will relate mostly to policy-making theory, but will also investigate the often chaotic and complex nature of the tourism and hospitality sector and what impacts this has on trying to set out a clear and unambiguous policy arena within which the industry and resources it depends upon can flourish.

City marketing Cities, be they historic, seaside, regional or capital, are the power houses of the tourism and hospitality industry.

They shape and are shaped by tourism and hospitality which has become a major economic driver and re-imaging agent of city governance agencies as they seek to re-invent their themselves in the new global order.

This module seeks to explain the role of tourism and hospitality and the visitor economy in the modern city and to critically analyse this in relation to a number of theoretical perspectives.

The module will equip you with a critical understanding of broader perspectives required to manage and market tourism in the modern city and inform city marketing strategies.

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Cross-cultural management This module examines concepts of culture and its multifaceted impacts on managerial behaviour in the tourism and hospitality industry. It reviews situations and issues that managers have to meet and resolve when working internationally.

This module brings together knowledge, understanding, different interpretations and critical analysis of the contexts and issues relating to cross-cultural management.

Business and management strategy The module integrates the learning of management and enterprise theory with the practical processes of developing a business idea to the point of the completion of a business plan aimed to attract the financial backing. The module will cover theories of corporate strategy and strategic choice, human resource development, enterprise and business planning.

Marketing strategy Marketing is dynamic, pervasive and exciting. It steers innovation, strategy, revenue generation and profitability and, ultimately, drives economic development and corporate performance.

This module, using theory and practice, explores how organisations in both the public and private sector address the key marketing challenges posed by an increasingly competitive environment. It looks at how they develop tactical and strategic responses, research and reach audiences, mount campaigns, create global brands, manage reputation and the importance of working in partnerships and networks to do this.

Msc project management dissertation

Professional leadership The module focuses on the active, professional aspects of leadership studies and starts from the assumption that all successful organised activity is initiated by leadership of some sort. Alongside engaging with contemporary theoretical perspectives, students will be encouraged to learn from their own and others experiences of leadership in practice, and to engage in classroom activities which enable them to develop their own leadership aptitude.

Optional placement year Choose from the following options: Dissertation The relevance of the final year project is to give you the opportunity to undertake a piece of primary research and analysis and to enable them to manage your own learning under the guidance of a tutor.

The module is double weighted and will be supported by a taught research methods programme that will incorporate the elements crucial for the completion of an in depth research project. Extended management report This unit has been designed as an alternative to writing a more traditional Masters Dissertation and will, therefore, be attractive to those students seeking to enhance their employability skills and knowledge.

Students will be required to write a report that equates to a dissertation, but is directly related to the organisation in which they work, shadowed, undertook a placement in, or are sufficiently familiar with.

Unlike the dissertation, the management report will enable students to focus on a very specific issue concerning the host organisation and undertake concerning the host organisation and undertake research relating to that issue.

The aim of the unit is to provide students with the opportunity to undertake a piece of in-depth research investigation an issue of interest or concern to the host organisation in which they work.

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They must be able to draw on some of the theories that were taught on the MSc course and to apply and integrate them to the subject being researched.Get your Master of Science in Project Management from the University of Liverpool! Our programme is competitive, flexible and % online.

Msc project management dissertation

Learn more today! publishing dissertations, with LSBU postgraduate students, in journals and conferences. Moreover, key staff regularly chair MSc Business Project Management MSc Business Project Management project management placements that will contain opportunities with different types of organisation.

The. World-leading research, MBA, DBA, PhD, Executive Education, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at Henley Business School. The philosophy of the Building Information Management course reflects the increasingly digital, multi-disciplinary and integrated nature of project delivery, influenced by the demand from governments and clients for greater efficiencies on construction projects.

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Page |1 MSc Project Guidance An MSc project is a substantial and extensive investigation of a challenging topic in the subject area of an MSc. It is intended to give an MSc student a major opportunity to exercise their new. Postgraduate Masters (MSc) International Tourism and Hospitality Management course; next steps into international tourism management, London .

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