Lifespan and personality

Lifespan Development and Personality Paper Lifespan Development and Personality Paper 6 June Behavior Development involves movement from one state to another with the element being change. From the moment we are first conceived, to the day we die, we are constantly changing and developing.

Lifespan and personality

Define heterotypic stability, homotypic stability, absolute stability, and differential stability. Describe evidence concerning the absolute and differential stability of personality attributes across the lifespan. Explain the maturity, cumulative continuity, and corresponsive principles of personality development.

Explain person-environment transactions, and distinguish between active, reactive, and evocative person-environment transactions. Identify the four processes that promote personality stability attraction, selection, manipulation, and attrition. Provide examples of these processes.

Describe the mechanisms behind the possibility of personality transformation. Introduction How much of your personality was determined as a child? How much of it developed as you aged? Ah Weihttps: Some of the most interesting questions about personality attributes involve issues of stability and change.

Are shy children destined to become shy adults?

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Are the typical personality attributes of adults different from the typical attributes of adolescents? Do people become more self-controlled and better able to manage their negative emotions as they become adults? What mechanisms explain personality stability and what mechanisms account for personality change?

Defining Different Kinds of Personality Stability Something frustrating happens when you attempt to learn about personality stability [1]: As with many topics in psychology, there are a number of different ways to conceptualize and quantify personality stability e.

This means there are multiple ways to consider questions about personality stability. Thus, the simple and obviously frustrating way to respond to most blanket questions about personality stability is to simply answer that it depends on what one means by personality stability.

To provide a more satisfying answer to questions about stability, I will first describe the different ways psychologists conceptualize and evaluate personality stability.

I will make an important distinction between heterotypic and homotypic stability.

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Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". A model of the personality system according to five-factor theory, with examples of specific content in each category and arrows indicating paths of causal influence.

Adapted from "A Five-Factor Theory of. Lifespan development and lifelong learning.

Lifespan and personality

While it may be possible to get some agreement about where physical growth stops, how are we to approach personality development? What may be maturity to one person or culture, may be nothing of the sort to another.

Challenge and continuity across the lifespan, London: Penguin. Good.

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