Is it important to vote

When Republicans say that Democrats "just don't get it," this is the "it" to which they refer. He is the author of The Happiness Hypothesis:

Is it important to vote

Is it important to vote

In this election cycle, we have the opportunity to decide who leads our nation. The leaders we elect will determine our future on important issues such as: The definition of marriage Government vs.

Is it important to vote

As Christians, we want to see good public policies created that reflect biblical values. However, in order to see these kinds of policies enacted, we have to elect principled leaders.

And in order to see principled leaders elected, we as Christians must make our voice heard by voting. But can voting really make a difference?

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You see, it's estimated there are over 60 million committed Christians in the US, and only about 30 million of them vote in any given election. So what would happen if the other 30 million Christians voted as well? Would it really change things? In the elections, the voting margin in Missouri between the two main presidential candidates was a mere 3, votes.

In North Carolina, the voting margin between the two candidates was 14, votes. Unregistered Christians in that state amount to aboutvotes. In addition, every presidential election in the past 25 years has been won by less than 10 million votes. So what would happen if 30 million newly registered Christians voted in the next election?

Not only could it massively impact an election, it could completely change our nation! What can you do? Voters shape the future of our nation. Casting your vote is an incredibly powerful way to make your voice heard and take a stand for righteousness.

We encourage you to check out what Christian leaders are saying about the importance of this election, and read what our founding fathers thought about voting.

Here are four simple steps to make your vote count:The right to vote, frankly, is too important to be cheapened and wasted by anyone who does not understand the issues and the candidates. The uninformed would be doing their duty for representative government if they either became informed, or left the decisions at the ballot box up to those who are.

important dates commonwealth of pennsylvania department of state bureau of commissions, elections and legislation. pennsylvania elections. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Asks Democrats If Hating Trump Is More Important Than the Country Ahead of Pompeo Vote. To many people, "voting" means casting a ballot for president once every four years.

But there are also local elections every year, and they impact important issues that affect our everyday lives. Another important advance in the voting process has been the secret ballot. This allows people to vote without worrying about retaliation from others, including those in .

By this definition, voting is a privilege, right and duty of each and every component of a democratic system, i.e., us, the people. It's a moral responsibility of all eligible citizens of a society.

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