Intro university studies syllabus

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Intro university studies syllabus

Global Environmental Issues 3 Social and cultural dimensions of global population issues, food and energy policies, destruction of indigenous lifeways, roles of multinational organizations, environmental racism, and environmental movements.

Identical to SOC ; credit may not be earned in more than one of these courses. Economists' solutions presented without advanced economic theory or mathematical computation.

ECO or Topics include the biosphere, ecosystems and how human socio-political factors interact with them. This course is approved for offering in a distance learning format. ENV Environmental Issues Management 3 Review of regulatory requirements and application of scientific studies to managing environmental risk.

Case studies of risk management by the targeted community and regulatory agencies. Completion of at least 31 credits selected from the Core and Required courses of the Environmental Studies major.

GEO QR Introduction to Geographic Information Science 3 Fundamentals of geographic information science - including spatial data gathering, measurement, classification, analysis, display and map interpretation. Current computer mapping technologies are used in laboratory.

This course may be offered in an online or hybrid format. May be offered as Writing Intensive. This course may be offered in an online format. BLR Environmental Law and Policy 3 A survey of environmental laws and policies that affect business decision making, stressing macroenvironmental considerations and major Michigan environmental issues.

PSC Environmental Politics and Policy 3 Analysis of relationships between politics and public policy in the environmental arena. Emphasis upon policy making process, political strategies, and alternative decision modes.

BIO Conservation of Natural Resources 3 Ecological approaches to issues of global environmental sustainability, with emphasis on preservation of natural resources such as soil, water, forests, and wildlife.

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Descriptive Sciences ENV QR Environmental Resource Use 3 This course uses quantitative reasoning and analyses to explore and evaluate critical environmental issues, such as resource utilization and sustainability, from an interdisciplinary perspective. Required Courses I Select one of the following: GEL Introduction to Earth Systems 3 A discovery-based introductory examination of the processes that shape our planet.

Topics include the rock cycle, earthquakes, volcanoes, the Ice Age, and plate tectonics. Topics include plate tectonics, minerals, rocks, volcanoes, earthquakes, and the Ice Age.

Intro university studies syllabus

Students will investigate, graph, and calculate rates and scales of processes including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and groundwater flow. Credit may not be earned in both GEL and,or Quantitative and Mathematical Sciences GEO Physical Geography 3 An introduction to the physical processes of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere and the global distribution of climate, soils, and vegetation.

Satisfies University Program laboratory requirement. Fundamental principles of biology are integrated with local and global issues of current interest. No credit toward Biology major or minor. May be used toward satisfying the requirements of Integrated Science major or minor for students seeking certification in Elementary education only.View Notes - Intro to film studies syllabus from MCS 20 at University of California, Riverside.

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Introduction to Film Studies: Oceans 10 MCS 20 Lecture: Tues./Thurs. , Bournes Hall. Introduction to Justice Studies, JS 10 Sec 2, Fall Page 2 of 8 *Available at the campus bookstore and online. You must purchase the 3 rd edition of this book.

International Studies-approved courses in social science, humanities or professional courses that deal with a single region of the world of the student’s choice. Additional courses not on this list may be taken if approved by the International Studies Undergraduate Coordinator.

Intro university studies syllabus

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The following provides links to syllabi on the Web. Latin American Studies Law, Levin College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of . Environmental studies at CMU focus on the complex relationship between humans and the environment.

Courses in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences will give you valuable insights about Earth-related issues at local and global levels. Introduction to Business Syllabus Page 3 ATTENDANCE: Regular, everyday class attendance is expected of all students.

A student may be withdrawn from a.

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