International human resource management approaches advantages and disadvantages

Different approaches to training needs assessment Different approaches to training needs assessment What is need assessment? It arises when there is a variation between what the employee is expected to do on the job and what the actual job performance is. Survey the potential trainees to identify specific topics about which they want to learn more.

International human resource management approaches advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Job Analysis Advantages and Disadvantages of Job Analysis Though job analysis plays a vital role in all other human related activities but every process that has human interventions also suffers from some limitations. The process of job analysis also has its own constraints.

So, let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of job analysis process at length. The job analysis process provides with valuable job-related data that helps managers and job analyst the duties and responsibilities of a particular job, risks and hazards involved in it, skills and abilities required to perform the job and other related info.

This is one of the most crucial management activities. Filling the right person in a right job vacancy is a test of skills, understanding and competencies of HR managers. Job Analysis helps them understand what type of employee will be suitable to deliver a specific job successfully.

Helps in Establishing Effective Hiring Practices: Who is to be filled where and when? Who to target and how for a specific job opening? Job analysis process gives answers to all these questions and helps managers in creating, establishing and maintaining effective hiring practices.

Guides through Performance Evaluation and Appraisal Processes: Job Analysis helps managers evaluating the performance of employees by comparing the standard or desired output with delivered or actual output.

On these bases, they appraise their performances.

International human resource management approaches advantages and disadvantages

The process helps in deciding whom to promote and when. It also guides managers in understanding the skill gaps so that right person can be fit at that particular place in order to get desired output. The process of job analysis gives answer to following questions: Who to impart training What should be the content of training What should be the type of training: A genuine and unbiased process of job analysis helps managers in determining the appropriate compensation package and benefits and allowances for a particular job.

This is done on the basis of responsibilities and hazards involved in a job. Disadvantages of Job Analysis Time Consuming: The biggest disadvantage of Job Analysis process is that it is very time consuming. It is a major limitation especially when jobs change frequently.

If the observer or job analyst is an employee of the same organization, the process may involve his or her personal likes and dislikes. This is a major hindrance in collecting genuine and accurate data.

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Source of Data is Extremely Small: Because of small sample size, the source of collecting data is extremely small. Therefore, information collected from few individuals needs to be standardized. Involves Lots of Human Efforts: The process involves lots of human efforts.

As every job carries different information and there is no set pattern, customized information is to be collected for different jobs.

The process needs to be conducted separately for collecting and recording job-related data.


He or she needs to be trained in order to get authentic data. Mental Abilities Can not be Directly Observed: Last but not the least, mental abilities such as intellect, emotional characteristics, knowledge, aptitude, psychic and endurance are intangible things that can not be observed or measured directly.Jun 30,  · A human resource information system has many advantages to employers who maintain larger staff centers.

Everything is centralized but there is a cost and security risk to these systems. In this lesson, you will learn about job rotation, including its advantages and disadvantages. Examples will also be provided. You can reinforce your knowledge with a short quiz after the lesson.

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Definition. In the s Douglas McGregor a social psychologist of MIT developed two well known contrasting theories on human motivation and management theory X and theory Y.

McGregor promoted Theory Y as the basis of good management approach, and this break new ground for argument that employees of an organization are not merely cogs in the machinery of the organization, as X-Type.

A human resource management system can save you time and money, and improve efficiency, but the drawbacks include impersonal employee evaluations, high cost of setup, installation, training, and. International Human Resource Management Approaches Advantages And Disadvantages.

It is obvious that a competitive advantage such as technology, resources and quality can be imitated. It is the personnel that a company employs that makes the difference. Making the right selection and most efficient use of it will surely . - Informationen zum Thema businessessays.