Integration and disintegration indians in south africa essay

S young person and the crisis that we are in and purportedly are sing, I decided to research the young person crisis in South Africa. However immature people find themselves in the thick of a scope of crises that should be addressed desperately by the province and society. Thirty-seven per cent of South Africa population were below the age of 15 in

Integration and disintegration indians in south africa essay

Always aiming at dividing the people so as to rule themselves, they launched a number of disintegrating measures to litter away the common points among various religions, communities and classes in the country.

The British rule, however, provided one common economic system to the country although the British did their best to divide the people socially and economically in order to retain their supremacy.

The most important single factor which brought unity in the Indian fabric was political struggle for independence from the British rule. The great personages who founded the Indian National Congress to fight out the British and to attain political independence for the country brought to one platform varying interests, communities and sections of society.

The national image came to prominence with the national movement which provided a focus for the developed feeling of patriotism. The English language, although alien to the spirit of the country, brought educated classes of various communities to one platform and made them fight shoulder to shoulder against the mighty British.

By the end of the 19th century, the feeling of the Indian unity became rooted in the minds of all Indians. The arrival of Mahatma Gandhi on the Indian scene started yet another chapter in Indian history. In order to avoid too much bloodshed, Mahatma Gandhi and other national leaders agreed to the partition, even though it was based on the ever-condemned two-nation theory.

Ever since independence, India has adopted a secular constitution and given birth to a nation based on the principles of equal rights to all its citizens, irrespective of caste, creed religion or sex.

The Constitution has provided fullest freedom to all religions in matters of worship, customs, etc. As a secular democracy, India is marching on the path of progress in all spheres—economic, political, social and cultural. In order to provide and encourage national integration in India, the Government office India has taken numerous steps which are worth mentioning.

It has provided a national programme of education on secular lines and encouraged the development of national institution and policies. Through various media of education like the radio, the cinema and the T.

Equality of rights in various spheres has provided the people with common interests and enabled them to work and progress side by side without thinking of the narrow interests.

The five-year plans of economic development have contributed to the raising of standards of people without regard to community, caste and creed. The class distinctions of the people have broadened out to economic distinctions from those of religion, community or caste.

The art and culture of the country is also being developed on nationalistic lines. There is also due effort to develop a national language, although its imposition is being avoided for the time being in order to avoid conflicts of regional linguistic interests.

The cinema, which is one of the most important means of recreation for the common man in India, is providing a uniform all-India pattern of art and culture to the whole country, thus contributing to emotional integration. How to cite this page Choose cite format:Integration and Disintegration: Indians in South Africa Regional Integration for and Against Article-EU We have essays on the following topics that may be of interest to you.

South Africa (Africa's southernmost nation) is also Africa's largest and most developed economy.

Integration and disintegration indians in south africa essay

Today South Africa produces high-tech equipment and is a world leader in the output of gold and diamonds. Indians Essay Examples. A limited time offer! Integration and Disintegration: Indians in South Africa.

The story of Indians in South Africa is both a story of integration and disintegration into the national space.

The processes and patterns of integration and disintegration of Indian community as a minority ethnicity is closely linked to. Integration and Disintegration: Indians in South Africa Essay. Next. Gay Marriage Essay.

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In fact, this statement of Gandhiji has the essence of national integration in India. India is a vast country with a number of differences in food, clothing, languages, even in her different New Years in different communities. More Essay Examples on.

Language and Religion. Taals and English are the official linguistic communications - South Africa Essay Research Paper Language and introduction. Afrikaans, derived from Dutch, is the female parent lingua of the Afrikaners .

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