Hamlet exam study guide essay

Between the two comes Gertrude, whose sympathies move during the play from Claudius to Hamlet:

Hamlet exam study guide essay

We give you an overview of the text and its form, and then step you through the analysis of some key aspects of the play.

You will also need to demonstrate how meaning and value has been derived from the text over a wide range of contexts and individual interpretations, including your own. That will be your thesis statement. Then you will need three of four smaller ideas to form topic sentences with.

What that means is that you need to develop four or five major ideas about the text.

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In this first of two articles on Module B: Hamlet, we will provide you with some foundational ideas, from which you can develop your own list. It is because Hamlet is eternally human that the play retains its lasting hold on our sympathies.

Hamlet exam study guide essay

We are all potential Hamlets. Its action should be single and complete, presenting a reversal of fortune, involving persons renowned and of superior attainments, and it should be written in poetry embellished with every kind of artistic expression.

Hamlet is unique in that it sees the protagonist at odds with both. The Greek philosopher Aristotle coined the following Tragic Conventions.

Does Shakespeare incorporate all of them into Hamlet?

Hamlet Exam Study Guide Essay

The answer is central to the concerns of Module B. On the other hand, subverting these expectations might be a way of creating a singular and unique text, thereby achieving canonical status.

Hamartia The tragic flaw or error in judgment from which mistaken action comes about Anagnorisis The moment of comprehension or recognition where the protagonist comes to understand his place in the scheme of things.

Peripete The reversal of action or intention. Nemesis Retribution or punishment for wrongdoing especially meted out to the protagonist of a tragedy for his hamartia.

Pathos The emotionally moving quality of a literary work that elicits feelings of pity and fear in the audience. Catharsis The purging or sweeping away of the pity and fear aroused by the tragic action. The most important concept to understand is The Great Chain of Being.

With God at the apex, the monarch was viewed as His voice on Earth. Naturally, the act of fratricide was seen as an abomination against God, but even more so to kill the monarch would have been seen as equivalent to deicide.

Language forms and features in Hamlet Form Like many Elizabethan tragedies, Hamlet drew inspiration from ancient Roman Senecan tragedies.

However, in pioneering the romantic tragedy, Shakespeare largely disregarded the unities and implemented his own, including: Foakes Hamlet as a tragic hero particularly defied convention.

Often tragedies set up their protagonist as violent and hubristic, hubris being excessive pride that causes the protagonist to ignore a divine warning or to break moral law.

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A foil is a secondary character whose comparative qualities draw attention to those of the protagonist. There are three main characters Shakespeare uses as foils to Hamlet: Both are intellectuals who experience internal conflicts of passion and reason.

Claudius in his representation of man succumbing to his vices foreshadows the fate of Hamlet. Claudius can be seen as the divine warning against operating in extremes that Hamlet failed to ignore.

The ending of Hamlet is all the more tragic then, as Fortinbras is appointed King of Denmark. What do you think Shakespeare was implying by this sentiment? Is history doomed to repeat itself? Both characters operate in extremes and ultimately fail because of it.

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Develop your argument further by working out how this pattern of character foils unifies the text. Thematic concerns and textual analysis Appearance vs. Reality Hamlet opens with a question: Immediately we are introduced to the theme of uncertainty of appearance versus reality that pervades the Kingdom of Denmark.

And as the country takes on the characteristics of the leader, imagery of corruption and contagion become a motif throughout Hamlet: Later, Claudius echoes this sentiment: It smells to heaven. At first we see him develop an obsession with honesty:hamlet final exam (high school, ) Hamlet the Play.

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William Shakespeare's Hamlet follows the young prince Hamlet home to Denmark to attend his father's funeral. CliffsNotes study guides are written by. From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes Hamlet Study Guide has everything you need to ace quizzes, tests, and essays.

Free Essay: Philosophy Unit 5 Hamlet Exam Study Guide Solve the Case of the Melancholy Dane What should Hamlet do?

Hamlet exam study guide essay

Explain the moral theories of each. The Best IB English Study Guide and Notes for SL/HL. Posted by Dora Seigel | Feb 8, AM. This should be all of the material you need to study for your IB exam and to study for your in-class exams.

How to Write Your Essay Guide. (1) [25 marks] Essay questions and guidelines In your literature exam, you will have to choose between doing a Hamlet essay or a Hamlet contextual question if you are a Home Language learner - .

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