Gross structure of meat

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Gross structure of meat

Every living being has a specific purpose for its existence.

Gross structure of meat

The purpose, definitely, is other than being killed and eaten by others. Just as there are government laws, so there are laws of nature, or God Laws.

If we kill then that binds us to Karma, and we will get the reaction. So either we do good or bad karma, we are still binding ourselves more to this material world. Also just by seeing a meat dish on your plate does not mean everything is ok, there has been so much violence gone into it before you see the finishing product.

Lord Krishna says that he is the original father of all living entities aham bija-pradah pita — BG, If we do not have the right to give life to a living creature we also do not have the right to kill them unnecessarily.

A Devotee is full of compassion and he cannot see anyone suffer, even the animals. People might then question, but I am not actually killing the animal but just eating, is that wrong too? The Manu Samhita scriptures tells us that all the people get the reaction for being involved with meat: Na cha praanivadhah svargyastamaanmaamsam vivarjayet.

Samskartaa chopahartaa cha khaadakashchetighaatakaah MS 5. All those involved in killing, consenting the killing, helping the killing, carrying, selling, buying, cooking and eating the meat of an animal are equally sinful as the killing of that animal. The person who eats meat is also encouraging and in one sense supporting the killing.

For example if few dacoits goes to rob a house, and one stands outside the house to look out and other few dacoits steal from the house, if they get caught everyone will be punished by the laws, because the person who was outside was also supporting the crime. Similarly, one who eats meat is also involved and is liable for punishment.

This explanation is given in Srimad Bhagavatam 3. Do you think that is not violence? Non-devotees are killing cows, goats and so many other animals for eating purposes, and a devotee, who is vegetarian, is also killing.

But here, significantly, it is stated that every living entity has to live by killing another entity; that is the law of nature.

But for a human being, that violence should be committed only as much as necessary. A human being is not to eat anything which is not offered to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. A devotee therefore eats only prasada, or foodstuffs offered to the Supreme Lord, and Krishna says that when a devotee offers Him foodstuffs from the vegetable kingdom, with devotion, He eats that.

A devotee is to offer to Krishna foodstuffs prepared from vegetables. If the Supreme Lord wanted foodstuffs prepared from animal food, the devotee could offer this, but He does not order to do that. Lord Krishna can do anything so he transforms the food offered to him into spiritual food, this will free us from sin and karmic reactions.

Eating only food offered to Krishna is the ultimate perfection of the vegetarian diet. After all, pigeons and monkeys are also vegetarian, so becoming a vegetarian is not in itself the greatest of accomplishments.This machine is specially designed for commercial use in restaurants, commercial kitchens, butcher shops, delis, farms, and even home use.

It’s perfect for slicing massive beef, venison, mutton, turkey, cheese, ham, bread, vegetable, fruit and other food up to the 5/8” thick (mm). Structure. The anatomy of muscles includes gross anatomy, which comprises all the muscles of an organism, and microanatomy, which comprises the .

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