Calvin college events

The college and seminary began with seven students, in a rented upper room on Spring Street, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Calvin college events

An actress was sick on the day of the preview I had to replace. A name was misspelled in the program I had to apologize for. I had to find a sound technician the day of the dress rehearsal. I had to locate an affordable pocket watch the day of the performance.

Calvin college events

I had to make a million decisions as opening night approached. But more than that, I had to slow down. In the rush of a million thoughts about who knew their lines and who didn't, whose costume didn't fit right, who forgot to get a gift for whom, the grading I hadn't touched yet, and a myriad of personal griefs that had built up over the last few months, I walked out of the Heritage Center one practice and saw the sunset, vibrant pink and orange flung across the sky.

Finally my mind went quiet. Just for a moment. It was like that moment at the end of Act 1 where Emily is finished with her homework, sitting quietly on the ladder, listening to the crickets and smelling the flowers from the neighbor's garden on the evening breeze.

Her father's concern is that she has troubles distracting her, but no, she replies - she's just beingIn , the DeVos Communication Center was constructed across the East Beltline Road. It is connected to west campus by the Calvin Crossing bridge.

The building's upper level houses department and faculty offices for both the political science and communications arts and sciences departments.

Calvin Symposium on Worship Grand Rapids, Michigan Thursday, January 24, - Saturday, January 26, The annual Calvin Symposium on Worship is sponsored by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and the Center for Excellence in Preaching.

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John Calvin: Steward of God's Covenant: Selected Writings [John Calvin, John F. Thornton, Marilynne Robinson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This selection of the writings of John Calvin (—) is the first for general readers to appear .

Learn about upcoming events and see which friends are going. Calvin College is a liberal arts college located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founded in , Calvin College is an educational institution of the Christian Reformed Church and stands in the Reformed tradition of Protestantism. [1]. Jul 14,  · Calvin College has lost one of its legendary Knights.

Calvin professor of physical education emeritus David B. Tuuk passed away on Wednesday at the age of

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