Bob the fish essay

One hapless behemoth stretches her trunk toward the sky, her reflection shimmering on a gently bubbling asphalt pool. A mild reek of asphalt and decay drifts out from the black-tar pond: From this menagerie of megamammals, the Page Museum — built in beside the La Brea tar pits on Wilshire Boulevard — has selected the singular Smilodon fatalis, the great sabercat, as its mascot.

Bob the fish essay

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Bob the fish essay

Click here to learn more. Sponsor This Essay I Bob the fish essay in the power of fishing. However when I think back on my childhood, many of my warmest and most salient memories took place on a fish bank.

I remember running, playing, exploring, and growing as the adults fished, drank beer, and talked trash to each other as B. King and Millie Jackson belted the blues from eight-track tape decks in deuce and a quarters and El Caminos. There was always plenty of hot sauce—and admonitions to be careful—with white bread on hand in case you got choked on an insidious fish bone.

The poor fella sure was tasty, though. As a young teen I was delighted when I reeled in seventeen white bass from the Sandusky River behind the sugar factory in Freemont, Ohio.

I breathlessly told the story of my conquest to anyone who would listen. It was the last time I remember going fishing with my father.

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I was soon old enough to opt out, and I chose more urbane pursuits than sitting on a fish bank all day. When my sister died unexpectedly at the age of seventeen, I remember feeling like I could not breathe. Everyone in our large family was grieving terribly.

Everything before that day meant something different, great or slight, the day after.


I remember my father got up early the next day to go fishing—alone. It was his way of coping and everyone understood. I never saw him cry about my sister. I often wondered if the fish did. I have a mental picture of him pouring his heart out to a wide-eyed bluegill who listened sympathetically before swimming away.

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Now, in my role as a mental health therapist for children, I often take them fishing. They talk more openly when slightly preoccupied with the many little tasks it takes to fish. They are able to learn patience and skills to deal with frustration that can serve them well in school and at home.

They develop courage as they tackle the daunting task of baiting their hook with a squiggly, reluctant worm. However, I think the most curative factor is that on a fish bank they are not kids with problems.

They are just kids—running, playing, exploring, and healing. Johnnie Barmore lives in Cincinnati and works as a community-based mental health therapist with children. She has two daughters and a nearly human beagle.

Her current projects include a book of poetry with illustrations by her daughter Phyliss, a design student at Ohio State University.

Stephanie graduates high school in Princess, the dog, has plans to chase squirrels and nap.Research Papers words ( pages) 20, Leagues Under The Sea Essay - Leagues Under The Sea The year is an important time in nautical history. Other experts supposed that Smilodon speared fish, sucked blood from deep holes gouged in large prey, or was actually so inept at hunting that it solely scavenged on mammoth and sloth carcasses.

For those who argued that the cat was an active hunter, it was almost impossible to understand how they did it.

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