Assistant prosecutor cover letter

Peg spoke up repeatedly for child victims of clergy sex abuse and pushed for the archdiocese to take appropriate action. He efforts were largely ignored.

Assistant prosecutor cover letter

A plea bargains is a negotiated deal between the prosecutor, the defendant, and the court in which the prosecutor offers the defendant lesser charges in exchange for a guilty plea in order to circumvent having to go to trial.

Just because the prosecutor offers a deal in your case doesn't mean that justice isn't being served. There are times, however, when a prosecutor offers the defendant a deal that so minimizes the crime committed against you that the deal itself is an obvious insult and injustice to you and the community.

Sometimes prosecutors offer these "give-away" deals because they are just too lazy to properly prosecute the case, and sometimes they do it because they are sexist, and they don't take violence against women seriously.

If you feel that the prosecutor on your case is offering the defendant a "give-away" deal, you can write directly to the judge and request that the judge reject the deal.

Assistant prosecutor cover letter

You can do this right up to the day of sentencing. May 1, Judge Jensen, I am the victim in the rape case of People vs. I just learned that the prosecution and defense have agreed to a plea bargain in this case.

The prosecutor has agreed to drop one charge of kidnap and two charges of rape in exchange for a guilty plea from the defendant on one charge of sexual battery. Since sexual battery in California means only that someone sexually puts their hands on another person, I feel this deal is grossly unjust to myself and the community, and I urge you to please reject this deal.

I have already expressed my strong dissatisfaction with this deal to the prosecutor. The prosecutor said he wants to save me the trauma of having to testify. But I am fully willing to testify in this case even though I'm nervous about testifying.

I want the truth to be told because I don't want what happened to me to happen to any other woman. The prosecutor also said there isn't enough evidence to prosecute the case. But there were witnesses at key points in the crime and a lot of other evidence too. I believe the only reason the prosecutor has offered this give-away deal is so that he can avoid the work of having to properly prosecute this case.

In the interests of justice and the safety of our community, I'm asking that you please reject the plea bargain. Thank you for your attention. In fact, when criminal justice officials aren't providing the justice merited by the case and desired by the victim, it is the responsibility of the advocate to fight on the victim's behalf.

As always, remember that this must be done only in accord with the victim's wishes and informed consent. In the case of writing a letter to the judge on behalf of a victim, be sure to fully involve the victim in the process.

And after the letter is written, be sure the victim has time to read the letter, time to think about it, and time to make any changes she wishes. We are requesting that you remand the defendant to jail.

Andrea and her baby have been subjected to nearly a year of unrelenting stalking and torment by the defendant. When Andrea first came to our office two and a half months ago, she was already battle worn to the point of despair.

Assistant prosecutor cover letter

Still, before the last sentencing, Andrea gathered some hope she would be heard. She typed out more than one statement to you carefully presenting the painful details needed for the court to understand the tightening seizure of her life and liberties by the defendant's near daily obsessive stalking.

And she begged you to keep this man out of her life and in custody where he belongs. The police have also written more than a dozen crime reports on Mr.

Hernandez' violations of the domestic violence restraining order. And, in the last four months, Mr. Hernandez has been convicted on three separate occasions of these violations. And still this court has allowed him to be released on probation again and again. The evidence was piled up long ago that this defendant's criminal obsession with tormenting Andrea is immune to restraining orders, immune to a judge's admonitions, unfazed by arrest after arrest, and completely unaffected by any terms of probation.

We feel there are three very alarming risks in this case. One is the defendant's unrelenting stalking.

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Two is the court's inexplicable blindness to the danger of this obsession, and three is the victim's deepening despair that the remedy of justice will ever be applied.

Please protect this family. Remand the defendant to the maximum sentence in jail, and give this family the time and the freedom to begin to glimpse a normal life again.Clinton County The Clinton County Prosecutor’s Office, Wilmington, Ohio, has a position available for an Assistant Prosecutor for felony prosecution and felony trial work.

the Office. The order and length of any Assistant's assignment depends upon the staffing needs of the Office. Qualifications: The ideal candidate will have outstanding legal ability, high moral character, mature judgment, a keen desire for public service, and an exceptional aptitude for litigation.

LEGAL INTERNSHIP (UNPAID) — COLLEGE AND LAW STUDENTS. The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office offers college and law school students the opportunity to work in the capacity of an unpaid intern, voluntarily or for school credit.

BRANDY B. SHADDOX, d/o/b , of Hollister, was sentenced on Wednesday morning, October 10, , in the Circuit Court of Lawrence County, for the November murder of Larry Adams, in Taney County, Missouri.

The Colorado Bar. Eagle, CO: 9/26/ Mid-level IP Associate/Patent Agent.

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Michael Best & Friedrich LLP is seeking a mid-level Associate or Patent Agent of similar experience for either our Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha, Chicago, Washington D.C., or Denver office.

the Office. The order and length of any Assistant's assignment depends upon the staffing needs of the Office.

Qualifications: The ideal candidate will have outstanding legal ability, high moral character, mature judgment, a keen desire for public service, and an exceptional aptitude for litigation.

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