Architectural brief writing and oral argument

Download Now Winning on Appeal has been adopted by top-flight law schools for appellate advocacy courses. It also has become a popular desk reference on how to write an effective brief and deliver a persuasive oral argument. In the Second Edition, Ruggero J. Aldisert, a year veteran of the federal appeals bench, fundamentally reorganizes the book.

Architectural brief writing and oral argument

Davis, the leading advocate of his time, observed that the supreme objective of a brief is to convince the judicial mind. Davis, The Argument of an Appeal, 26 A.

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What is required is a technique of presentation that will persuade to the optimum. Merlo Pusey of the Washington Post has written me that his remedy was: That seems like a pretty large order, but he seems to have succeeded in many instances.

Justice Cardozo told his associates on the Supreme Court that when Hughes appeared before him in New York, he always waited for twenty-four hours to make his decision to avoid being carried away by the force of Mr.

As a practicing attorney you are constantly faced with the prospects of having to prepare a trial brief, submit a memorandum of law or appellate brief.

This article is the first of a series of articles that will deal with legal writing and research, appellate practice and brief writing. It is at this stage that you will decide the legal theory upon which you will prepare and try your case. The best way to win an appeal is to thoroughly prepare your case on the facts and on the law.

Every part of the brief including the preliminary statement should be used to convince the Court of your position. The function of the preliminary statement is to give the Court at the outset the jurisdictional history of the case and to tell the Court something about the general nature of the case.

architectural brief writing and oral argument

In almost every case there will be one point of law which will determine the case on appeal. It will aid the Court in reading the brief and prepare the Court for the argument portion of your brief.

Blatchford, quoted in M. Each question presented should be drafted to include the facts that give rise to the issue that is to be determined on the appeal.

Thus if one of the issues involved on the appeal was the contributory negligence of the plaintiff it should be framed to include the facts surrounding said negligence. All of the material facts must be presented impartially and comprehensively.

A plain and simple chronological statement of the material facts is usually the best. In order to generate a statement of facts for your brief, it is necessary to digest the record first-both the transcript of the testimony at the trial and the exhibits.

Digesting is an art. How effectively it is done will determine not only the amount of time consumed, but also the quality of the resulting factual statement.

architectural brief writing and oral argument

Do not treat it as a routine exercise. Stating facts fully and effectively is considerably difficult, but most important.

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Ordinarily, facts determine the law that is applicable to a case and governs the outcome. Accordingly, facts should always be developed to the full.Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Appellate Brief and Oral Argument Research for 1Ls: General Resources. Resources for Appellate Brief Writing or sur-reply, and whether it s a lower court or appellate brief.

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A Brief Guide to Brief Writing will enable brief writers to understand and tell the client s story, in a persuasive and effective manner." Just Briefs.

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The Winning Oral Argument (half-day) Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts; Begin the architectural planning by stating the issues.

Before writing in earnest, figure out how many issues there are—and what they are. “Bryan Garner’s advice on brief-writing is like Irving Younger’s advice on evidence.

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