Analysis of stock ordering for henley ice cream parlour essay

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Analysis of stock ordering for henley ice cream parlour essay

Question 4 from interview: How is it processed?

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Question 13 from interview: How reliable and accurate is the data? Not very accurate as tubs of ice cream may have been put in the wrong box, boxes may be counted twice or not counted at all.

Question 14 from interview: Is the information presented clearly so that it can be understood? No, there is not enough lines on the page on which the information is recorded so is easily misinterpreted.

Question 17 from interview: What benefits does the system provide? Justification of Methods of Fact Finding The methods I used to investigate the current system and the requirements of its users were an interview with Emily Brittan, the Sales and Marketing Manager, who also works in the shop.

The interview considered the system from both perspectives — what information is required from a sales point of view and the difficulties experienced by all members of staff working in the shop.

I also observed the current system in use, enabling me to draw my own conclusions on its effectiveness and to see first hand its problems and how it could be improved. Fact Recording — Transcript from the second interview with Emily Brittan 1.

Who is the ice cream supplied to? The ice cream is sold through our shop and is also sold for retail at other local shops and restaurants.

How many different flavours of ice cream are there? Do you keep the same ice cream flavours? What different sizes do you order the ice cream in? There is also two different grades of ice cream. Who supplies the ice cream?

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Two different manufacturers supply it 6. What problems have you encountered with the current system?

Analysis of stock ordering for henley ice cream parlour essay

What information do you require to be produced using the data on stock levels? What software do you have? Microsoft programs such as Excel and Word. What operating system do you use?


Microsoft Window 98 Are the computers networked? How would you like your system to be presented? Do you need to produce any paper-based records?Analysis of stock ordering for Henley Ice cream Parlour.

Extracts from this document Introduction. Sales and Marketing Manager The specific area of the company that I will be looking at for the project is stock ordering.

It is linked to the rest of the organisation as follows: As it is a very small company many of the departments overlap. Ice Cream is Made Ice cream has always been an all-time favorite dessert. Today, there are a lot of ice cream concoctions that people all over the world enjoy.

However, the secret to a successful ice cream involves a basic process that is easy to follow. Free. for life.

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en. Gallery Custom Vehicle Car Wrap Fort Lauderdale Miami Palm dz dz. Analysis of Stock Ordering for Henley Ice Cream Parlour. 1. What is the name of the organisation?

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Henley Ice Cream Parlour 2. What does it do? Sells ice cream to the general public at the shop. The ice cream industry in the Netherlands is highly competitive and demanding. It must be mentioned that a significant part of the competitors (such as Otelli, Senso Gelato and Ben & Jerry’s) are offering an extended product range in comparison to Ci Vediamo Amsterdam, including showcases and maintenance services.

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