A review of the log details in nebular time

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A review of the log details in nebular time

A review of the log details in nebular time

However, none seem to have been noticed before the advent of the telescope in the early 17th century. Some, such as the Andromeda Nebulahad spectra quite similar to those of starsbut turned out to be galaxies consisting of hundreds of millions of individual stars.

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Others looked very different. Rather than a strong continuum with absorption lines superimposed, the Orion Nebula and other similar objects showed only a small number of emission lines. At first it was hypothesized that the line might be due to an unknown element, which was named nebulium —a similar idea had led to the discovery of helium through analysis of the Sun 's spectrum in In the early 20th century, Henry Norris Russell proposed that rather than being a new element, the line at Physicists showed in the s that in gas at extremely low densityelectrons can populate excited metastable energy levels in atoms and ionswhich at higher densities are rapidly de-excited by collisions.

Spectroscopic observations thus showed that planetary nebulae consisted largely of extremely rarefied ionised oxygen gas OIII.

Only a trace of reflection nebulosity remains. Origin and lifetime[ edit ] See also: When this happens, via a process of collapse and fragmentation of the cloud, stars are born see stellar evolution for a lengthier description.

At greater and greater distances from the ionising star, the ionisation front slows, while the pressure of the newly ionised gas causes the ionised volume to expand.

Eventually, the ionisation front slows to subsonic speeds, and is overtaken by the shock front caused by the expansion of the material ejected from the nebula. It is only when the radiation pressure from a star drives away its 'cocoon' that it becomes visible. The dense regions which contain younger or less massive still-forming stars and which have not yet blown away the material from which they are forming are often seen in silhouette against the rest of the ionised nebula.

Bart Bok and E. Reilly searched astronomical photographs in the s for "relatively small dark nebulae", following suggestions that stars might be formed from condensations in the interstellar medium; they found several such "approximately circular or oval dark objects of small size", which they referred to as "globules", since referred to as Bok globules.

In doing so, however, one last burst of star formation may be triggered, as radiation pressure and mechanical pressure from supernova may act to squeeze globules, thereby enhancing the density within them.

The Hubble Space Telescope has revealed hundreds of protoplanetary disks proplyds in the Orion Nebula. This implies total masses between perhaps and solar masses. This plasma will rapidly expand to fill available cavities in the molecular clouds due to the high speed of sound in the gas at this temperature.

The strongest hydrogen emission line at They are not seen in elliptical galaxies. In irregular galaxies, they may be dispersed throughout the galaxy, but in spirals they are most abundant within the spiral arms.

Galaxies undergoing such rapid star formation are known as starburst galaxies. They are usually clumpy and inhomogeneous on all scales from the smallest to largest. Notable regions[ edit ] An optical image left reveals clouds of gas and dust in the Orion Nebula ; an infrared image right reveals new stars shining within.

If the Tarantula Nebula were as close to Earth as the Orion Nebula, it would shine about as brightly as the full moon in the night sky.

It contains around hot OB and Wolf-Rayet stars, which heat the gas inside it to millions of degrees, producing bright X-ray emissions.

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A review of the log details in nebular time

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